Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Rules Are Different for Joe Biden

Nine quick thoughts on tonight’s vice-presidential debate:

1.         Joe Biden interrupted Paul Ryan and the moderator so many times, I even shut up when he looked right into the camera at me and the rest of America.

2.         All those Facebook posts were right. That thing going on with Paul Ryan’s hair did make me think of Eddie Munster.

3.         During the next presidential debate, I’m now going to have an image of Grandpa Al Lewis in my head when Mitt Romney and those gray wings in his hair take the stage.

4.         Joe Biden would have been a great “wacky neighbor” on The Munsters.

5.         That massive water glass Paul Ryan kept drinking from looked like it should have been filled with beer.

6.         Joe Biden’s water glass probably was filled with beer.

7.         The moderator was less biased than Big Bird.

8.         Did Joe Biden really lean toward the moderator at one point and wave his pen in her face? If Paul Ryan had done that, a new “War on Women” ad would have been on the air before midnight.

9.         The rules are different for Joe Biden. Always have been. Always will be.