Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Post-Election Presidential Press Conference: More Lost Footage

"That's an excellent question that deserves a lengthy, detailed response, but on a more personal note, Michelle and I were talking last night about how enchanting it is to be re-elected president. And not simply because the American people have chosen again to trust me with all their hopes and dreams, but because you, the White House Press Corps, continue to show such faith and trust in me as well. Seriously, what other leader in what other country could drone on for months about 'math' and 'arithmetic' while pushing an $80 billion a year tax increase to close a $1.1 trillion yearly deficit and not get asked at his first press conference in  months what he's going to do about the other $1.02 trillion? I love you guys! Next question?"


Captain Tom said...

En fuego as you were with part one, part two is scorchingly so.

And He does love those guys, so very, very much. Not that they couldn't ask questions NOW about Bengazi lies or true voodoo economics, now that the election has been one for their liberal champion. Hell, a little journalistic judo might be entertaining for the masses as we move Forward together.