Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Tale of Two Weekends

This weekend, I saw one of my nieces marry a truly fantastic guy. President Obama dealt with the fallout over the IRS deliberately targeting his political opponents.

This weekend, I had two fantastic plane rides and absolutely no TSA troubles. President Obama dealt with all the lies about Benghazi and a dead U.S. ambassador no longer holding water.

This weekend, I finally got to spend time with my other niece's new husband, who is every bit the great guy I'd hoped that he would be. President Obama dealt with outrage over his Justice Department spying on the Associated Press.

This weekend, I saw relatives as well as current and former in-laws for the first time years. President Obama  dealt with his Secretary of Health and Human Services shaking down the very people she regulates for donations to a private group created to help promote ObamaCare.

My weekend is over, but President Obama's is just beginning...