Monday, February 3, 2014

A Passel of One-Sentence Reviews

Black Sails: Finally, pirates I can actually be afraid of and not spend the whole time wanting to smack upside the head for prancing around like a band of hipster LARPers.*

The Good Humor Man: The absolute strangest book I have ever read that I still wish I'd come up with myself.

Memories of the Abyss: Manages the near-impossible, setting a "cozy" in an insane asylum and then actually making the story work.

My Progress on the Next Many Earths Novel: I am ashamed.

47 Ronin: Everything that is wrong with Hollywood today.

The Last Valley: The best movie you've never even heard of.

Our New Verizon FiOS Service: Look at me surf/stream/download when I should be writing the next Many Earths novel!

Choosing, Buying, and Assembling a New Couch with My Wife Without Us Having a Single Argument: Priceless.

*I'm looking at you, Johnny Depp.